Full Spectrum LED Plaint Grow Light


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  • Brand Name: Greensindoor
Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 800W Phyto Lamp For Plants Fitolamp Indoor Led Grow Tent Plant Light For Plants Phytolamp Seedlings
Product name: LED grow light
Full-spectrum: Red led+Blue led+Warm white led+Cold white led
Nominal power: 800W
Actual power: 30W 
SUPERIOR CHIP TECHNOLOGY – We’ve intelligently designed our LED grow light using our energy-efficient LED chips that our diodes are bigger and brighter than average LED chips. This results in our grow light being 20% more PAR(Photosynthetically Active Radiation) and lumen than standard LED lights.
ENERGY EFFICIENT – Our LED light bulbs can last longer than traditional grow lights. For a larger grow tent or grow space, simply add more light panels to have enough coverage. This light can replace a traditional 800W HPS/MH lamp while consuming only 30W total, saving energy up to 40%!
FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHTS – Our LED light bulbs provide perfect color hue blending, matching sunlight spectrum and Kelvin scale, for all stages of growth, as well as strengthen red and blue light at the same time. It includes warm and cool white light with diversified red, blue, and UV lights which is perfect for your own indoor live plant gardening, shelves, and tent growing
IDEAL FOR CLONING, VEGETATION & FLOWERING – Thanks to our LED indoor grow light’s full spectrum of lighting, it’s perfect to use for all stages of plant growth. Our grow light is perfect for raising plants from clone to budding without swapping lights. Whether you’re growing tomatoes, vegetable, strawberry, pepper, microgreen, hydro, or herb, this grow light covers you all stage growing needs and it’s the best add on for high yields.
NO FAN & NO NOISE – This grow light will be quiet when it is working without a fan and noise. This lamp is equipped with an automatic temperature transformer. When it reaches a certain temperature, the temperature will drop.
IP66 WATERPROOF – It can protect the light from damage caused by the wet environment, such as snow days, rainy days or wet weather.
THREE INSTALLATION MODES – 180° Adjustable Bracket, Convenient 
to adjust the angle of the lamp for your plants.
Three installation ways:
1)Bracket Stand on the floor or desk.
2) Installed on the wall.
3) Hanging from the ceiling with the hanging rope.


Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 800W Phyto Lamp For Plants Fitolamp Indoor Led Grow Tent Plant Light For Plants Phytolamp Seedlings